QA/QC Procedures

Samples referenced in press releases pertaining to the Tenoriba exploration project were prepared and analyzed by ALS CHEMEX in their facilities in Mexico and Canada, respectively. Samples generally consisted of a minimum of 2 kilograms of material. Drill core is mostly HQ diameter core with minor lengths of NQ diameter core. Where samples are taken these are most often 1.0 to 1.5 metres in length and the core is sawn in half with a rock saw, samples bagged and ticketed with individual sample bags sealed with a nylon ziplock and then loaded into grain sacs which are further sealed with a nylon ziplock and then transported by Mammoth personnel to Chihuahua, Mexico for preparation. Gold and silver analyses are performed by 30 gram fire assay with an Atomic Absorption finish. Silver, copper, lead and zinc were analyzed as part of a multi-element ICP package using an aqua regia digestion. Over limit samples with greater than 1% Cu, Pb and Zn were re-analyzed using ore grade detection limits. Blank and duplicate samples were inserted randomly at approximately every 20 samples.